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When I first got into the SCA, I had No garb, and No clue....   The friend that got me into the SCA, borrowed an outfit for me to wear to my first event (It was a Daytrip Coronation) He dicided that it looked so good on me that he Bought it from the Lady he borrowed it from And refused to let me pay him back..... Then He introduced me to a couple of Veterans...... And they taught me all sorts of things!

I learned to sew and cook, and even got interested in fighting...Every time I went over there, I was asked when I was going to let them make me armor, which traslated into when was I going to let them teach me to fight...... If I had lived closer, (It was a fair commute, and I was working 2 jobs with no car, in Dallas, TX) I probably would have learned to fight in Ansteorra....

Thankfully, I know these chivalrous people, and I've thanked them all for taking me under their wings..... And they know/knew how much they mean to me..... Some of them I haven't seen on years, but Some I found again at Gulf Wars, this year...I felt like I was at home again.....

They even camped right next to us!

I wish the weather had been better, so they could have stayed longer!

Selina Duval de Broome