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  This is my own page and I wondered if I would ever get a chance to tell my own event story.  It's my own page after all.  

We all know how hard it is to do an event. We work our fingers to the bone, our backs begin to ache, and our heads well we won't even go there.  But every so often  something happens to help make it all better.  This is what happened to me.

On Sunday at the end of  Tourney of the Foxes it started to rain a lot.  When I got up I had to go take down audio equipment that had gotten wet and put it up before it got wetter.  I was a little upset that it had gotten wet and forgot to take down my own camp.  Now when I did remember to take mine down I rushed back and parked on the grass beside the tent.  Can you say BAD IDEA.  By this time the ground was so wet I couldn't get any traction to drive off.   At this point I'm thinking I'll be here until it dries out.  Not to worry, along came two of my fellow shire members and they decide I'm in trouble. Well I was.  Being strong gentles they lend a shoulder each.  The last thing they say before I get in my van is don't "gun it" and cover them in mud.  Well with there help I slowly make it to the rode, and then the right wheel gets traction and the left begins to spin as the limited slip kicks in.  Ooops mud bath anyone.  The lord behind that wheel stood there looking down at the mud all over his shoes, legs, shirt and face, and I know he's going to be a little how do you say........ um peeved.  Nope not a bit.  Instead he kind of laughs it off and heads for the shower house.  

The poor man still worked the rest of the day soaking wet.  I know I'm never going to forget what he did for me, even if he might like to.


Greggor of Vulpine Reach

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