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When I decided to do this page I was thinking I could knock it out in just a few minutes.  How hard could it be, copy a few pages to my server and convert them to html.  Ten minutes tops, right?   Wrong, as I began copying the messages to the server, and reading each one I found I would stop to think of the acts of kindness that I saw.  Nearly each message brought to mind a time when something similar happened to me or one of my friends.  It wasn't always exactly the same and in some cases what it brought to mind were not the most pleasant of happening at the time.   But in my case each of the times I learned a powerful lesson. The stories below help me to bring back the lessons I learned so long ago, and at a time when I most needed to relearn some of those lessons.

So, My thanks to the Kingdom of Meridies and it's people for their Chivalrous Acts.

Glenn Gass
Gregor The Laggard