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Being new to the SCA, so new that I only have a mundane name, I was delighted to find that this wonderful group of people I have chosen to associate with are indeed just that!  Well traveling late in the evening last weekend, with my two young children in the car, I broke down on I20 shortly before the Alabama State Line.  This is not a good place to be alone, with two children. 

Fortunately for me two gentlemen pulled off the side of the road and offered assistance.  They  helped me to push the car so as to pop the clutch so I could be on my way (I still had a four hour drive ahead of me.) What does this have to do with the SCA you ask?  I fear I did not get their names or where they were from--and if they  are reading this I thank them profusely--but as I continued down the highway to the next exit, and they past me--there in the back window was an SCA sticker!!! 

Understand now my friends, that there is nothing on my vehicle to show that I even know of the existence of the SCA!  Gentlemen where ever you are my children and I thank you profusely for your help and hope to one day meet again at an  event!!!   (By the way, you were correct and my alternator has been replaced!)

And for the rest of you, indeed chivalry does live on!!