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Can there be such a thing a chivalry for a shire?

During the Sunday night feast of Kingdom A&S last year, I came down with  a terrible migraine.  Several wonderful people took me to the infirmary to ensure my recovery. My lord also accompanied me.  Alas, I was much disturbed by the notion that I would be breaking my word, since I had confirmed with the feast folks that members of Evensong Forest would be helping to clean the hall and kitchen after feast, and m'lord Pol and I were the last Treehuggers on site.

Imagine my surprise to discover much later that night then, that the kitchen had been well-populated with Treehuggers after feast!  Several people came to me to express their gratitude to our shire for the help in cleaning up!

I wonder to this day who could have shown such kindness, to go so far out of their way to save the good name of me and mine shire.

Lady Katryne MacIntosh the Strange